Jamaican Chocolate Habanero

(Capsicum chinense)

By Jim (Habanero) Duffy

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Jamaican Chocolate Habanero (Capsicum chinense)

Jamaican Chocolate Habanero grows an abundance of pods that mature from light green to medium or dark brown. My favorite of all the habaneros as far as flavor goes.

Great for making salsa or home made Jamaican Jerk marinade. There is even a recipe for a Chocolate Habanero Torte! Plants can reach a height of over 4 feet. I have grown this species in both hydroponics and soil.

At Refining Fire Chiles we isolate our seed production plants to avoid cross-pollination with other chile species. If you want to try it yourself contact us for seeds, plants (March-August) and fresh chiles (September).

We also grow the Trinidad 7 Pot, Trinidad Scorpion, Naga Morich, Bhut Jolokia and many other Hot Chile Pepper plant varieties!