Fatalii Red

(Capsicum chinense)

By Jim (Habanero) Duffy

Fatalii Red (Capsicum chinense)

Hotter Red version of Fatalii from Congo, Africa. Very rare. It has a different flavor and pods tend to be shorter than Yellow Fatalii. So they also can get much wider. This strain is not 100% stable so don’t be surprised if you get yellow or even orange peppers on your plant. I have even had Red Fatalii’s appear on my Yellow plants! Pods mature from medium green to dark red. Great for sauces. It is very prolific to be ready to have lots of chiles.

At Refining Fire Chiles we isolate our seed production plants to avoid cross-pollination with other chile species. If you want to try it yourself contact us for seeds, plants (March-August) and fresh chiles (September).

We also grow the Trinidad 7 Pot, Trinidad Scorpion, Naga Morich, Chocolate Habanero and many other Hot Chile Pepper plant varieties!