Hybrids and Strains

By Jim (Habanero) Duffy

This group of Chile pages is devoted to Hybrids or Cross Strains. All pepper varieties are the result of naturally occurring cross pollination in the wild over thousands of years. The peppers we have here are the deliberate crossing of chile plant varieties to create new strains. Everything you see here will be F3 and above. Which means it has at least been grown out by the creator for 3 years or more. After 3 years they start some form of stability. Which means the plants start to produce some consistency. Most Horticulturists agree though that strong stability does not happen till the sixth and seventh years. So some here will be very stable and others not. It will be noted what they are in each pepper description page. I myself do not create new strains but instead get seeds from those that are more expert in this field. I will try my best to only get from these reliable sources. Watch out for those sellers on the web that seem to create a new cross everyday. Very few people are good at it so you will find that this new rage of new strains is another attempt to get you to buy the new thing!
The Carolina Reaper is extremely hot!
Cross between Pakistani Naga and a
Red Habanero. More...
Jay's Peach Ghost Scorpion
Cross between Bhut Jolokia and
Trinidad Scorpion. More...
Jay's Red Ghost Scorpion
Cross between Bhut Jolokia and
Trinidad Scorpion. More...
Trinidad 7 Pot Primo like other 7
Pots it has a fruity/floral
flavor and is extremely hot! More...
7 Pot Primo Yellow is a natural
mutation of the 7 Pot Primo. Fruitier
flavor but lower heat than superhots. More...
Black Bhut Jolokia is a cross between the Red
Bhut Jolokia and the Pimenta De Neyde. Darker
pepper have a sweeter flavor. More...
7 Pot Madballz is a cross
between a Trinidad Yellow 7 Pot
and a Chocolate Bhut Jolokia More...
The Bhut Jolokia Orange Copenhagen
has nice fruity tones and is hotter
than the Yellow Bhut Jolokia. More...
The Jigsaw is a cross between
Moruga Scorpion and
a Naga Morich. More...
Brown Moruga Scorpion is a cross
between a 7 Pot Brown and a
Moruga Scorpion. More...
The Bubblegum 7 Pot is a cross
between the Red Moruga Scorpion
and Trinidad Yellow 7 Pots More...
7 Pot Wes have extreme 7 Pot heat
with nice fruity flavor and produce
peppers bigger than a 7 Pot Jonah